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    Ford Motor Company is an American multinational automobile manufacturer. The Headquarters of Ford is based in Dearborn, Michigan, United States. The Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford and incorporated on June 16, 1903. Ford commercial vehicles came under the Ford brand, and luxury cars under its Lincoln luxury brand.

    When you own a Ford vehicle, it’s important to know the cost of replacing your auto glass in case it gets damaged or breaks. My Windshield Replacement Cost is a reliable company that offers Ford auto glass replacement services at an affordable cost. In this article, we will explore the factors that influence Ford auto glass replacement cost, the importance of choosing a reputable auto glass replacement company, and how My Windshield Replacement Cost can help you save money on your Ford auto glass replacement needs.

    Factors that Influence Ford Auto Glass Replacement Cost

    The cost of replacing your Ford’s auto glass will depend on several factors, including:

    Type of Glass

    The type of glass needed for your Ford vehicle will impact the cost of replacement. For example, a windshield made of laminated glass will cost more to replace than a side window made of tempered glass.

    Model of Your Ford Vehicle

    The model of your Ford vehicle will also impact the cost of replacement. A newer model with advanced technology may require more expensive glass or specialized equipment for installation.

    Degree of Damage

    The degree of damage to your Ford’s auto glass will determine the cost of replacement. A small chip or crack may be repaired, but a larger break or shatter may require full replacement.

    Labor Costs

    The labor costs associated with replacing your Ford’s auto glass will also impact the cost. Experienced technicians may charge more for their services.

    Importance of Choosing a Reputable Auto Glass Replacement Company

    When it comes to replacing your Ford’s auto glass, it’s important to choose a reputable company that offers high-quality services. A reputable auto glass replacement company will:

    • Use only high-quality glass and adhesives that meet or exceed industry standards
    • Have experienced technicians who are trained and certified to replace auto glass
    • Offer a warranty or guarantee on their work
    • Provide excellent customer service and support

    How My Windshield Replacement Cost Can Help You Save Money on Ford Auto Glass Replacement

    My Windshield Replacement Cost is a company that specializes in auto glass replacement services for Ford vehicles. We offer:

    • Competitive pricing on all auto glass replacements
    • Free mobile service to your home or office
    • Experienced and certified technicians
    • High-quality glass and adhesives that meet or exceed industry standards
    • A lifetime warranty on their work

    By choosing My Windshield Replacement Cost for your Ford auto glass replacement needs, you can save money without sacrificing quality or service.

    Ford Auto Glass Replacement Cost

    • Ford Windshield Replacement Cost: The average cost to replace a Ford windshield can range from $215 to $550, depending on the model and year of the vehicle.

    • Ford Back Glass Replacement Cost: The cost to replace a Ford back glass can range from $225 to $630, depending on the specific model and year.

    • Ford Door Glass Replacement Cost: The cost to replace Ford door glass can range from $210to $410, depending on the model and year of the vehicle.

    • Ford Quarter Glass Replacement Cost: The cost to replace Ford quarter glass can range from $210 to $310, depending on the specific model and year.

    The actual cost of replacement may vary depending on the location and the auto glass shop that you choose. It is also important to use high-quality auto glass from reputable manufacturers to ensure proper fit and performance.

    Who Makes Ford Auto glass?

    Honda uses a variety of auto glass suppliers to manufacture windshields, back glass, door glass, and quarter glass for their vehicles. Some of the major manufacturers that supply auto glass to Honda include:

    1. Pilkington
    2. Fuyao Glass
    3. Nippon Sheet Glass
    4. Guardian Industries
    5. AGC Automotive

    These manufacturers produce original equipment manufacturer (OEM) auto glass that meets Honda’s specifications for quality and safety. Using OEM glass during replacement ensures that the glass fits properly and maintains the same level of performance and safety as the original glass.

    Ford ADAS Recalibration

    Ford cars are equipped with ADAS systems to enhance driving safety and convenience. These systems include sensors, cameras, and radars that detect objects, provide warnings, and automatically take action to prevent accidents. However, these systems are highly sensitive, and any damage or repair work can affect their performance. Recalibration is the process of adjusting the ADAS systems to ensure they’re functioning correctly. In the following sections, we’ll discuss the importance of ADAS recalibration, signs that your Ford car may need it, and how the process works.

    What is Ford ADAS Recalibration?

    ADAS recalibration is the process of restoring the performance of the car’s advanced safety features after repairs, adjustments, or modifications that could affect the system. Recalibration ensures that the sensors, cameras, and other components are correctly aligned and functioning according to factory specifications.

    Why is ADAS Recalibration Important?

    ADAS systems are designed to work together to provide an additional layer of safety and convenience to drivers. However, if one component is out of alignment, it can affect the entire system’s performance. For example, if the camera sensor is slightly off, it may not detect objects accurately, leading to false warnings or failure to detect hazards. Recalibration ensures that all components are working in harmony, providing drivers with the confidence that their ADAS systems will work as intended in critical situations.

    Signs That Your Ford Car May Need ADAS Recalibration

    There are several signs that your Ford car may need ADAS recalibration, including:

    • A warning light on your dashboard indicating an ADAS system error
    • Your car has been involved in an accident or collision
    • Repairs or replacements have been made to the ADAS components
    • Your car’s alignment has been adjusted

    If you experience any of these signs, it’s essential to have your ADAS systems recalibrated to ensure their optimal performance.

    Factors That Affect ADAS Calibration

    Several factors can affect ADAS calibration, including:

    • Changes in wheel alignment
    • Windshield replacement or repair
    • Bodywork repairs or replacements
    • Electrical system changes or modifications
    • Suspension changes or modifications

    These factors can impact the accuracy of the ADAS systems and require recalibration to restore their performance.

    How is Ford ADAS Recalibrated?

    Ford ADAS recalibration requires specialized equipment and knowledge to ensure it’s done correctly. The process involves the following steps:

    1. Diagnostic scan: A diagnostic scan is performed to identify any error codes or issues with the ADAS system.

    2. Sensor and camera realignment: The sensors and cameras are adjusted to the correct factory settings using specialized tools and software.

    3. Test drive: After recalibration, the car is taken for a test drive to ensure that all ADAS components are working correctly.

    4. Verification scan: A verification scan is performed to confirm that all error codes have been cleared, and the ADAS systems are functioning correctly.

    It’s important to note that ADAS recalibration should only be performed by trained and certified technicians with the appropriate equipment and expertise. Attempting to recalibrate the system yourself could result in further damage to your car’s ADAS systems, compromising your safety while driving.

    Types of Calibration

    Ford vehicles use various calibration types for different systems and components. Here are some common Ford calibration types:

    1. Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Calibration: The PCM is the main control unit for the engine and transmission. It uses a specific calibration to control fuel injection, ignition timing, and other engine parameters.

    2. Transmission Control Module (TCM) Calibration: The TCM controls the operation of the automatic transmission. It uses a specific calibration to adjust shift points, torque converter lockup, and other transmission parameters.

    3. Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) Calibration: The ABS system uses a specific calibration to control the operation of the brakes during emergency stops or low-traction conditions.

    4. Restraint Control Module (RCM) Calibration: The RCM controls the airbag and seatbelt systems. It uses a specific calibration to ensure proper deployment and operation of these safety systems.

    5. Body Control Module (BCM) Calibration: The BCM controls various electrical systems such as lighting, HVAC, and door locks. It uses a specific calibration to control the operation of these systems.

    6. Fuel System Control Module (FSCM) Calibration: The FSCM controls the fuel delivery system, including the fuel pump and fuel injectors. It uses a specific calibration to ensure proper fuel delivery and efficiency.

    These are just a few examples of the different calibration types used in Ford vehicles. Each calibration is tailored to the specific system or component it controls, and may be updated or modified by the manufacturer as needed.

    How Long Does It Take To Replace on Honda Auto glass and ADAS Calibration?

    • Windshield Replacement: On average, it takes about 1 to 2 hours to replace a Honda windshield. However, the curing time for the adhesive used to secure the windshield may add an additional few hours before the vehicle can be driven.

    • Back Glass Replacement: Replacing a Honda back glass can take around 1 to 2 hours, depending on the specific model and year of the vehicle.

    • Door Glass Replacement: Replacing Honda door glass can take around 1 to 2 hours, depending on the specific model and year of the vehicle.

    • Quarter Glass Replacement: Replacing Honda quarter glass can take around 1 hour or less, depending on the specific model and year of the vehicle.

    • Honda ADAS Calibration: Calibration of Honda’s advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) after a windshield replacement can take an additional 1 to 2 hours. This process involves using specialized equipment to recalibrate the cameras and sensors that are part of the ADAS system to ensure that they function properly.

    Special Features in Ford Windshield

    If you have a new model of any Ford vehicle you will have to spend more because latest ford models are coming with Special Features. The windshield also has few  Special Features like Heated Windshields and Wipers, Lane Departure Warning, Rain Sensor, 3Rd Visor Band, Active Brake Assist, Sound Proofing etc. New Ford vehicles like 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 are coming with these Features and around $1000- 1550$ may be spent during new Windshield replacement services. If you don’t have these types of features then you will have to pay around $300-600$ all costs depend on types of glass, your location, your local area tax etc. Please contact us If you need any types of Auto glass services.

    2022 Ford F150 Windshield Replacement

    New 2022-23 Ford F Series vehicles come with many advanced technology and sensors. The glass replacement cost depends on features of glass. Most common features of front glass are Lane Keep Assist, Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking, Rain Sensor etc. If your Ford F Series has these types of special features you need to spend $300 to $400 extra for calibration services.

    Q: Is your 2022 Ford F150 equipped with SiriusXM radio?
    Q: Your 2022 Ford F150 came from the factory with the Ford logo printed along the top of the windshield. Would you be interested in an equal quality, but more readily available part that does NOT have the logo?

    If your Ford F150 is equipped with SiriusXM radio and Ford logo printed windshield, you need to pay around $1120. This glass is equipped with Green Tint-Rain Sensor, Auto dimming Mirror, Solar, Ford Oval In 3Rd Visor Fr, Sound Screen, Lane Keep Assist, and Pre-Collision Assist. Part number of this front glass is DW02865.

    If your Ford F150 is NOT equipped with SiriusXM radio and Ford logo printed windshield, you need to pay around $1220. This glass is equipped with Green Tint-Rain Sensor, Auto dimming Mirror, Solar, 3Rd Visor Band, Lane Keep Assist, Pre-Collision Assist, and Adaptive Cruise Control. Part number of this front glass is DW02682GTYN.


    Auto Glass Cost For All Ford Models

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    Ford LTD
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    Ford Series C
    Ford Taurus
    Ford Taurus X
    Ford Tempo
    Ford Thunderbird
    Ford Torino
    Ford Transit Connect
    Ford Windstar
    Ford ZX2

    Ford Windshield & Auto Glass Replacement Quote

    Make and ModelGlass PartLocationPrice
    2014 Ford Focus Hatchback 4 DoorWindshield solar coated with third visor fritTopanga, CA 90291$550
    2004 Ford Focus Sedan 4 DoorWindshieldOrlando, FL 32801$350
    2003 Ford Focus Sedan 4 DoorWindshieldBonne Terre, MO 63628$345
    2005 Ford Focus Sedan 4 DoorWindshieldBranford FL 32008$355
    2008 Ford Focus Sedan 4 DoorWindshieldPort Orange, FL 32127$299
    2009 Ford Focus Sedan 4 DoorWindshieldPierson, FL 32180$347
    2012 Ford Focus Hatchback 4 DoorWindshieldMiami, FL 33132$499
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