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    About Acura

    Headquarters: Minato City, Tokyo, Japan
    Founded: 27 March 1986
    Founders: Honda Motor Company, Soichiro Honda
    Parent organizations: Honda Motor Company, American Honda Motor Company
    Subsidiary: Acura A-Spec and Type-S models

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    Acura is a luxury vehicle brand owned by Honda, specializing in the production of high-quality cars and SUVs. 

    1. History: Acura was launched in 1986 as the first Japanese luxury brand in the United States. It quickly gained popularity for its innovative designs, advanced technology, and performance-oriented vehicles.

    2. Models: Acura offers a range of models, including sedans, SUVs, and sports cars. Some popular Acura models include the Acura TLX, Acura RDX, Acura MDX, and Acura NSX.

    3. Design: Acura vehicles feature distinctive and sleek designs, combining elegance with a sporty appeal. They often incorporate signature design elements such as the Acura grille, Jewel Eye LED headlights, and sculpted body lines.

    4. Performance: Acura is known for its performance-driven vehicles. Many models are equipped with powerful engines, precise handling, and advanced suspension systems, providing an exhilarating driving experience.

    5. Technology: Acura vehicles come equipped with cutting-edge technology and features. This includes advanced safety systems, infotainment systems, touchscreen displays, smartphone integration, premium audio systems, and more.

    6. Safety: Acura prioritizes safety and incorporates various safety features into its vehicles. These may include collision mitigation systems, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, blind-spot monitoring, rearview cameras, and airbag systems.

    7. Innovation: Acura is committed to innovation and continuously introduces new technologies and features. This includes hybrid and electric powertrains, advanced driver-assistance systems, and connectivity options to enhance the driving experience.

    8. Luxury and Comfort: Acura vehicles offer luxurious interiors with high-quality materials, comfortable seating, and advanced amenities. They provide a refined and comfortable environment for both the driver and passengers.

    9. Awards and Recognition: Acura has received numerous awards and accolades for its vehicles, performance, safety features, and customer satisfaction. These recognitions highlight Acura’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

    10. Ownership Experience: Acura provides a comprehensive ownership experience, including warranty coverage, service and maintenance programs, and personalized customer support. Acura dealerships aim to deliver exceptional service and ensure customer satisfaction.

    How much does a Acura Auto Glass Replacement Costs?

    The cost of Acura auto glass replacement can vary depending on several factors. Understanding these factors will help you determine a more accurate estimate for your specific situation.

    Type of Glass

    The type of glass required for the replacement is an important consideration. Acura vehicles may feature different types of auto glass, such as windshields, side windows, rear windows, and sunroofs. Each type of glass has its own specifications, and the cost will vary accordingly. For example, windshields are usually more expensive to replace than side windows due to their complexity and built-in features like rain sensors or heads-up display technology.

    Vehicle Model and Year

    The model and year of your Acura vehicle also play a significant role in determining the cost of auto glass replacement. Older models or rare editions may have limited availability of replacement parts, which can increase the overall cost. Additionally, certain models may require specialized glass or have intricate designs, which can further affect the price.

    Additional Features

    Acura vehicles often come equipped with additional features that are integrated into the auto glass. These features can include rain sensors, lane departure warning systems, adaptive cruise control, or heated windshields. If your vehicle has such features, it’s important to consider the potential impact on the cost of replacement. The complexity of integrating these features into the new glass can increase the overall expense.

    Location and Labor Costs

    The cost of auto glass replacement can vary depending on your location and the labor costs associated with the repair shop you choose. Generally, urban areas or regions with higher living costs tend to have higher labor rates. It’s advisable to obtain multiple quotes from reputable repair shops in your area to compare prices and ensure you’re getting a fair deal.

    The Average Cost of Acura Auto Glass Replacement

    On average, the cost of Acura auto glass replacement can range from $200 to $1,000 or more. However, it’s important to note that these figures are estimates and can vary significantly depending on the factors mentioned earlier. The cost can also be influenced by the extent of the damage, as minor chips or cracks may be repairable without the need for a full replacement.

    How much does a Acura Auto Glass Repair Costs?

    1. Windshield Repair:

      • Minor cracks or chips: Approximately $50 to $150.
      • Extensive damage or complete windshield replacement: Around $200 to $500 or more, depending on the model and any additional features such as rain sensors or advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) recalibration.
    2. Side Window Repair:

      • Small chips or cracks: Typically between $100 and $300.
      • Full side window replacement: Generally ranges from $200 to $500, depending on the specific window and any additional features like privacy tint or defrosting elements.
    3. Rear Window Repair:

      • Minor damage: Usually falls within the range of $200 to $500.
      • Complete rear window replacement: The cost can range from $300 to $800 or more, depending on the vehicle’s model and any additional features.

    What brand windshield does Acura use?

    Acura vehicles typically use windshields manufactured by a variety of reputable glass companies. The specific brand of windshield can vary depending on the Acura model and the year it was produced. Some common windshield brands used by Acura include:

    1. Pilkington: Pilkington is a well-known glass manufacturer that supplies windshields to various automakers, including Acura.

    2. Saint-Gobain Sekurit: Saint-Gobain Sekurit is another major player in the automotive glass industry and may supply windshields for certain Acura models.

    3. PGW (Pittsburgh Glass Works): PGW is a leading supplier of automotive glass and could be another potential brand used for Acura windshields.

    4. Fuyao Glass: Fuyao Glass is a Chinese glass manufacturer that has been supplying windshields to several automakers globally, and they may also be a supplier for some Acura models.

    How much does a Acura Windshield ADAS Recalibration Cost?

    The cost of Acura windshield ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) recalibration can vary depending on several factors, including the specific Acura model, the location of the service provider, and any additional services or parts required. Additionally, prices may vary between authorized Acura dealerships and independent auto repair shops.

    The typical cost for Acura windshield ADAS recalibration ranges from $200 to $400. However, it’s important to note that these figures are approximate and can vary significantly depending on the factors mentioned above.

    The reason for the cost of ADAS recalibration is due to the specialized equipment and expertise required to perform the procedure accurately. ADAS systems, such as lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and automatic emergency braking, rely on sensors and cameras mounted on or near the windshield. When a windshield is replaced or repaired, the position of these sensors and cameras may be affected, leading to misalignment or inaccurate functioning of the ADAS.

    Recalibrating the ADAS involves ensuring that these sensors and cameras are properly aligned and calibrated to restore their accuracy. This process typically requires specialized tools and equipment, along with trained technicians who are knowledgeable about the specific ADAS systems in Acura vehicles.

    The cost of ADAS recalibration includes the labor involved in the recalibration process, the use of specialized equipment, and any necessary software updates. Additionally, if the windshield needs to be replaced, the cost of the windshield itself may also be included in the total expense.

    Acura Auto Glass Services You Can Get:

    • Acura ADAS Recalibration Services
    • Acura Back Glass Replacement
    • Acura Car Window Replacement
    • Acura Door Glass Replacement
    • Acura Power window repair
    • Acura Quarter Glass Replacement
    • Acura Rear Windshields Replacement
    • Acura Vent Glass Replacement
    • Acura Windshield Repair
    • Acura Windshield Replacement
    • Acura Windshield Installation
    • Acura Windshield Rock Chip Repair

    Windshield & auto Glass Cost For All Acura Models

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    Acura ILX
    Acura ILX Hybrid
    Acura Integra
    Acura Legend

    Acura MDX
    Acura NSX
    Acura NSX-T
    Acura RDX
    Acura RL

    Acura RLX
    Acura RSX
    Acura SLX
    Acura TL
    Acura TLX

    Acura TSX
    Acura Vigor
    Acura ZDX

    Our Recent Acura Windshield Replacement Quotes

    DateYear Make and ModelGlass PartLocationQuotes
    1/1/20232023 Acura MDX 4 Door UtilityWindshieldNew York, NY 10001$999.34
    1/16/20232022 Acura MDX 4 Door UtilityWindshieldLos Angeles, CA 90001$879.78
    2/2/20232020 Acura RDX 4 Door UtilityWindshieldChicago, IL 60601$444.23
    2/12/20232018 Acura TLX 4 Door SedanWindshieldHouston, TX 77001$387.99
    2/14/20232002 Acura RSX 2 Door CoupeWindshieldPhoenix, AZ 85001$299.99
    2/20/20232004 Acura RSX 2 Door CoupeWindshieldPhiladelphia, PA 19101$399.22
    3/17/20232021 Acura ILX 4 Door SedanWindshieldSan Antonio, TX 78201$854.55
    3/20/20232019 Acura NSX 2 Door CoupeWindshieldSan Diego, CA 92101$425.98
    4/1/20232017 Acura RLX 4 Door SedanWindshieldDallas, TX 75201$235.55
    4/14/20232008 Acura MDX 4 Door UtilityWindshieldSan Jose, CA 95101$325.90
    4/16/20232015 Acura TLX 4 Door SedanWindshieldAustin, TX 73301$425.50
    4/22/20232013 Acura ILX 4 Door SedanWindshieldJacksonville, FL 32099$255.50
    5/1/20232011 Acura RDX 4 Door UtilityWindshieldSan Francisco, CA 94101$325.60
    5/4/20232006 Acura TSX 4 Door SedanWindshieldIndianapolis, IN 46201$255.50
    5/5/20232003 Acura CL 2 Door CoupeWindshieldColumbus, OH 43201$245.50
    5/9/20232009 Acura TSX 4 Door SedanWindshieldFort Worth, TX 76101$199.56
    5/13/20231993 Acura Vigor 4 Door SedanWindshieldCharlotte, NC 28201$325.80
    5/20/20232014 Acura MDX 4 Door UtilityWindshieldSeattle, WA 98101$345.20
    5/22/20232007 Acura TL 4 Door SedanWindshieldDenver, CO 80201$314.50
    5/29/20232012 Acura TSX 4 Door SedanWindshieldEl Paso, TX 79901$321.60
    6/4/20232005 Acura RL 4 Door SedanWindshieldDetroit, MI 48201$329.60
    6/5/20232010 Acura MDX 4 Door UtilityWindshieldWashington, DC 20001$265.30
    6/9/20232001 Acura Integra 2 Door CoupeWindshieldBoston, MA 02101$275.60
    6/14/20232018 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid 4 Door SedanWindshieldMemphis, TN 37501$652.36
    2/16/20232019 Acura ILX 4 Door SedanWindshieldNashville, TN 37201$425.55
    6/18/20232017 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid 4 Door UtilityWindshieldPortland, OR 97201$265.60
    2/21/20232006 Acura RSX Type-S 2 Door CoupeWindshieldOklahoma City, OK 73101$299.60
    2/22/20232014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid 4 Door SedanWindshieldLas Vegas, NV 89101$241.50
    2/13/20232008 Acura TL Type-S 4 Door SedanWindshieldBaltimore, MD 21201$314.20
    2/24/20232016 Acura ILX 4 Door SedanWindshieldLouisville, KY 40201$322.20
    2/25/20232012 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid 4 Door UtilityWindshieldMilwaukee, WI 53201$314.50
    2/26/20232015 Acura TLX V6 4 Door SedanWindshieldAlbuquerque, NM 87101$285.30
    2/27/20232009 Acura RL 4 Door SedanWindshieldTucson, AZ 85701$445.88
    2/28/20232013 Acura RDX 4 Door UtilityWindshieldFresno, CA 93650$285.93
    3/1/20232011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon 4 Door WagonWindshieldSacramento, CA 94203$319.93
    3/2/20232007 Acura TSX Type-S 4 Door SedanWindshieldKansas City, MO 64101$261.83
    3/11/20232010 Acura ZDX 4 Door UtilityWindshieldLong Beach, CA 90801$334.53
    3/4/20232004 Acura NSX-T 2 Door CoupeWindshieldMesa, AZ 85201$342.53
    3/22/20232003 Acura NSX-T 2 Door CoupeWindshieldAtlanta, GA 30301$334.83
    3/4/20232005 Acura RSX Type-S 2 Door CoupeWindshieldColorado Springs, CO 80901$246.50
    3/7/20232001 Acura CL 2 Door CoupeWindshieldVirginia Beach, VA 23450$299.50
    3/8/20231998 Acura SLX 4 Door UtilityWindshieldRaleigh, NC 27601$185.50
    3/9/20232017 Acura ILX A-Spec 4 Door SedanWindshieldOmaha, NE 68101$395.50
    3/14/20232006 Acura MDX Touring 4 Door UtilityWindshieldMiami, FL 33101$269.30
    3/11/20232015 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD 4 Door SedanWindshieldOakland, CA 94601$185.55
    3/12/20231992 Acura Vigor 4 Door SedanWindshieldMinneapolis, MN 55401$199.80
    4/13/20232011 Acura ZDX 4 Door UtilityWindshieldTulsa, OK 74101$285.60
    3/14/20231997 Acura SLX 4 Door UtilityWindshieldWichita, KS 67201$185.50
    4/9/20232016 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD 4WindshieldHonolulu, HI 96801$515.60